Friday, May 18, 2007

Garden stuff

In case anybody is interested at all, I found this this link discussing mulch with the whys and wherefores explained rather clearly. There are several calculators out there on the intarwebs to determine how much mulch you should buy. This one is useful, I think, in that it also will calculate the cost for you.

More Falconry

This beauty is a European Eagle Owl. She's a close cousin of the American Great Horned Owl. Her only difference is that her eyes are orange instead of yellow. For as big as she is, she only weighs about 5 pounds.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Pretty flowers

This one is called Cherub's Smile. I planted it two years ago and it has finally bloomed.

This is a peony planted two years ago as well. It has finally bloomed, but peonies are notorious for taking several years to bloom after being planted. It is supposed to be a dark, ruffly red called "Karl Rosenfeld". It doesn't look like the pictures after all.

This is a falcon I had the pleasure of handling in April at the Homestead. The nice couple that took the class with me had a camera and are sending me pictures now that we have the email kinks worked out. Isn't she gorgeous?

Iris eyes are smilin'

Cheesy, I know. Last fall, I went on a bearded iris buying kick. I ran out of places to put them. I ended up placing four into the veggie bed just to have a place to put them. Two started blooming yesterday. They sure are purty...

Olympic Challenge

Earl of Essex.

And shhhhh, a big secret is happening this weekend. I can't delve into too many details, but, needless to say, someone I know is going to be very surprised this weekend.