Monday, June 10, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a relaxed Memorial Day weekend.  Started off with blowing giant bubbles in the backyard....
A rare still moment....
Turns out bubble solution doesn't taste very good and results in faces like this.
My gorgeous girl loves to put on her sunglasses and declare herself "pretty".
Always active,  S had a grand time climbing in his castle and sliding down the slide. 
More climbing up the wall.
We headed down to Richmond on Sunday.  We stopped at Deep Run park and had a picnic comprised of sandwiches from the European Deli....a Russian/Polish grocery store that makes fabulous sandwiches to go.  The kids enjoyed their three cheese sandwiches.
Lots of running about, climbing, sliding and swinging ensued.
H has no fear and definitely has an attitude of "if S can do it, I can do it better".  Brave, strong girl!
Sliding down the big slides, just like the big kids..
We went to the Richmond Zoo, which is a private zoo and smaller than the big one in DC.  There are lots of hands on this bird exhibit.  For a $1, you can buy a bird seed coated stick and the budgies will sit and nibble on it.  H.  was a bit wary of the whole thing.
S thought it was pretty cool that the bird would sit right there.
H.  was thrilled that the deer would eat out of her hand.  Every time she fed the animal a treat, she would squeal in delight and declare, "I did it!"
The day was overcast and cool, so perfect for the zoo.  The sun broke through the clouds right as we left and really warmed up the afternoon.  Just the right time to stop for chocolate milkshakes before getting on the road and heading home.

Lights out for everyone on the drive home......

Big day wore everybody out.