Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post Christmas Review

C and I had a lovely Christmas at home...just the two of us, quiet, peaceful and full of food. We picked up a virus in Oklahoma and the quantity of snot being produced in this household is amazing. C is feeling a bit better...mine has progressed to a full blown ear infection with a ruptured eardrum. I'm on oral and topical antibiotics so things seem to be getting better slowly. I'm headed into a long run of overnight shifts and will be working on New Year's Eve, always a fun time to work. Inauguration is fast approaching and we need to get the house ready for our guests who will be visiting then.

Monday, December 22, 2008

December updates.

We had a lovely early Christmas in Oklahoma. We got to spend a few days with each half of the family, opened presents and ate way, way too much food. Unfortunately, we left the same day my sister a completely different airport and town, so we missed seeing her. Hope she likes the prezzies we left for her! My allergies have flared into a full fledged viral snotfest. Someday, my ears will clear and I will be able to hear again.

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Christmas countdown.

Time is speeding past. We have the Christmas tree and wreath up. All the Christmas cards are mailed. Still haven't gotten around to putting up lights....makes me feel like the Scrooge in the neighborhood. Even the older gentleman across the street....who is about have a leg amputated (literally) because of a chronic infection has been up on a ladder stringing lights on his house. Since we have to fly back to OK for an early Christmas, things are piling up fast and I don't seem to be getting much done. A big dent has been placed in the shopping list, but I really need to finish it today or tomorrow so everything can get shipped in time. Thank goodness for the internet. I haven't ventured into a single brick and mortar store to go shopping. Another bonus is Ebates. Sign up, do all your shopping online and you should get a tidy bonus check in a the next quarter.