Wednesday, February 22, 2012

7 months old!

Harper has turned 7 months old! Baby girl has two bottom teeth. She is eating crackers, cheerios, cheese and very soft veggies without a problem. She loves yogurt. She badly wants to crawl, but can't quite get the mechanics down. On carpet, she is able to get on all fours and rock. We have hardwood throughout the house so she usually squirms and slides backwards. She is surprisingly mobile this way. She continues to sleep through the night and is easy to get to bed....bottle, thumb, lights out. She is very good natured and only cries when she is hungry or tired. She loves to laugh at Spenser, who really hams it up to keep her giggling. She is endlessly fascinated by the cat, who does not appreciate the hunks of fur that Harper likes to pull out.

Her first time in the baby swing at the park. She loved it....kept giggling and kicking her feet. I tucked my scarf behind her so she was more stable.
Slightly fuzzy photo taken while she was riding in the mei tai carrier. I tucked my scarf around her because it was getting chilly in the shade during our little hike.

Spenser making funny faces in the back seat.

After we were done swinging and sliding at the park, we followed one of the trails down a really really steep hill and found a little creek. Spenser could have thrown rocks into it all day long.

Friday, February 03, 2012