Wednesday, September 28, 2005

All Roads Lead to Rome

We've spent the last two days in Rome. To quote my sister.."walking our feet into bloody stumps." We've walked all over the Centro Storico, visited the Vatican and St. Peter's today. We also walked all over the Colosseum. This place is old....real old. The gelato is amazing...puts Braum's to shame, I'm sorry to say. Tomorrow, I hope to visit the Mouth of Truth before we head to Cinque de Terre. After that we will be heading to Austria. I do hope to get pictures up after we return.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

European vacation

We finally made it to Rome. Kind of tired and stinky at this point, but it is better to start things at the beginning.

We flew DC to Paris via London. If you ever fly BritishAir, it is worth the upgrade to traveller plus. More leg room, better food, cool little gift packs and free booze when compared with regular coach class. Flight was fine, but things got annoying when we had to sit on the tarmac in London for over an hour because there were no open gates. After a short wait there, we headed to Paris. Forget Paris in Spring. Paris in Fall is where it's at. Sunny, cool and gorgeous. We wandered around to the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame. Took in the sights on Ile St. Louis. Our first Parisian dinner was Chinese food...go figure. Excellent pastry for breakfast. Last night, we caught a night train to Rome. Somehow, in a locked room that was always occupied, my daypack was stolen. Fortunately, nothing exceptionally valuable was in there. My most important items in the bag were my brand new rain coat and my camera. The camera, while unfortunate, is not a total loss. Everyone knows how clumsy I am. Earlier in the day, I had been keeping my camera in my pants pocket for easy access. On the way to the train, I managed to trip and fall on nothing...landing on my camera side. I shattered the LCD, but the camera appeared to still be functional. Sadly, the disc with all my Paris pics was still in the camera. Oh well...C still has his camera. I'll just have to borrow it a lot.

Currently, we are waiting in the lobby of our hotel in Rome. As soon as the room is clean, we will be able to clean the stink off. Hope everyone is well. We'll try to do an update later. Ciao!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Lost in Space

I have to apologize for the long delay in posting. The east garden is overflowing with pink and purple flowery goodness. I've added some daylilies to it that should bloom magnificently. Rabbits and hot hot days have caused me to all but abandon my little veggie garden, yet the tomatoes continue to spit out luscious ripe fruit. My herb garden is overblown with basil. I've been replanting red barberries and azaleas that didn't do well in the front garden.

The cause for the lackluster posting is that C and I are headed to Europe today. For 2 whole weeks! Being just a bit obsessive-compulsive, my planning and list making has gone a bit extreme. C is not much better...he's done a ton of research on gear and about life on the continent. We'll fly into Paris for a day and half and then, we'll hop a train to Rome. Don't worry, we'll be spending more time in Paris at the end of the trip. We just wanted a little time to recover from the jet lag before starting our circuit in Rome.

Hopefully, we'll be able to find an internet cafe and upload a few pics. I hear Europe has changed mightily since I was living there slightly more than 10 years ago.