Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thank yous and catch ups

Wedding mania, honeymoon torpor, and the ensuing chaos of fusing two households and getting back to work have made me delay putting any updates here. I need to say big thank yous to several people.

Our parents: Gene, Gail, Eldon, and Marilyn - for all the support and hard work you put into the rehearsal dinner and ceremony.

Leslie for being the best bride's slave in history. We loved what you did to the room.

Kathy for being my chauffeur the morning of and waiting around for me to finish my massage.

Gerald for being my buddy and speaking for me....I've watched the video and caught you choking up...it was hardly noticeable and it means the world to me.

Jon and Carrie for going above and beyond in helping my parents. WOW!

All our college buddies for coming such long distances to support us.

There are so many more, but I just wanted to start getting the love out there.

Here comes the bride!

In case you didn't notice, C and I took some time off. We went back to the homeland and got hitched. We had the best photographer and I've been anxiously awaiting word from her. I worked way late tonight and I just checked her website out of habit. Yay! We have picture up! Her pictures are amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone in the Arkansas/Northern Oklahoma area. J.H. Schroeder photography can be found here. Our photo set can be found here.