Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Spenser's 4th Birthday

 Spenser's fourth birthday lands on Thanksgiving this year.  It's already difficult to get kids to come to a party when it's in the midst of the holiday hoopla, so we chose to have his party the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  He specifically requested Superman and the bounce house, so a bouncing Superman party is was!  We used KD'z Kidz World.  The place is well run, clean, reasonably priced, and locally owned by really great people.  Even though there are still blowers running, it somehow doesn't seem as loud as other bounce house facilities.  Even better, we were able to use the place after hours so we had the whole place to ourselves! 

Unfortunately, bad weather was rolling in with really cold weather and a pouring rain.  We had two friends show up.  Fortunately, they appreciated having an entire warehouse of bouncy things to ourselves as much as we did. 
There is a playhouse, rocking horses, and a few toys for munchkins that are too small to bounce or for big boys who need a bouncing break.
Blowing out his four big candles on his Superman cake.  It was yellow butter cake per his request.  I threw in some chocolate filling because I believe you can't have birthday cake without chocolate.
Harper and one of our friends enjoying pizza.  The price for the party included pizza, juice boxes, and paper goods as well as the use of the private party room.
Spenser and friend making funny faces.
He really got into opening presents this year.  No hesitancy and we didn't need to ask twice.  Little man was on it!  Our friends got him this awesome talking, punching Superman.
Harper modelling her pink super hero cape that Grandma and Grandpa B sent her.
He has been really excited about this collection of Justice League figures.  He came home, put them in a basket and has been toting them wherever he goes.

Day before Thanksgiving

There is a mix of sleet, snow and rain falling outside.  I've got my cranberry salad cooling in the refrigerator.  Turkey stock is simmering on the stove.  Cornbread is toasting in the oven in preparation for dressing.  I need to make a pumpkin pie.  Tomorrow, all I need to make is cheese grits, the turkey breast, and gravy.  Looking forward to a mellow Thanksgiving with my family all tucked in to watch the Peanuts Thanksgiving Special tomorrow night.  All are welcome to join in.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Haute kids

My kids, showering at the Colcord Hotel, using Bulgari  soap and about to be wrapped in Frette towels.  Not spoiled at all.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Goofy smile.

She is definitely consistent when it comes to smiling for the camera.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Blue lollipop

.....with an obvious end result.

Carl's ice cream

Carl's is a summer staple where we live.  Both kids loooooove the chocolate shakes.  Perfect on a hot day.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Summer crafts

 Summertime and crafts seem to go hand in hand.  It's even better when clouds and rain preclude trips to the pool and the park.  The local craft store had these wooden bird houses on sale.  A couple of those and a variety bag of kids' paint brushes were perfect mixed with a bunch of my acrylic craft paints, craft aprons, and two very busy little ones.   The results:  A pair of lovely birdhouses and an hour of quiet, focused intensity.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a relaxed Memorial Day weekend.  Started off with blowing giant bubbles in the backyard....
A rare still moment....
Turns out bubble solution doesn't taste very good and results in faces like this.
My gorgeous girl loves to put on her sunglasses and declare herself "pretty".
Always active,  S had a grand time climbing in his castle and sliding down the slide. 
More climbing up the wall.
We headed down to Richmond on Sunday.  We stopped at Deep Run park and had a picnic comprised of sandwiches from the European Deli....a Russian/Polish grocery store that makes fabulous sandwiches to go.  The kids enjoyed their three cheese sandwiches.
Lots of running about, climbing, sliding and swinging ensued.
H has no fear and definitely has an attitude of "if S can do it, I can do it better".  Brave, strong girl!
Sliding down the big slides, just like the big kids..
We went to the Richmond Zoo, which is a private zoo and smaller than the big one in DC.  There are lots of hands on this bird exhibit.  For a $1, you can buy a bird seed coated stick and the budgies will sit and nibble on it.  H.  was a bit wary of the whole thing.
S thought it was pretty cool that the bird would sit right there.
H.  was thrilled that the deer would eat out of her hand.  Every time she fed the animal a treat, she would squeal in delight and declare, "I did it!"
The day was overcast and cool, so perfect for the zoo.  The sun broke through the clouds right as we left and really warmed up the afternoon.  Just the right time to stop for chocolate milkshakes before getting on the road and heading home.

Lights out for everyone on the drive home......

Big day wore everybody out.