Friday, May 15, 2015


Last night, Harper told me she wanted a zippy-sack.  Not quite sure what this was, I asked her what it was for.  She said that you sleep in it and it keeps you warm.  I finally realized and confirmed that she meant a sleeping bag.  "Yes, a zippy-sack!" she said.  I told her I had one from my previous camping and hiking days.  She very seriously told me that we needed at least two since there were two children in our family.  She asked me why I had a zippy-sack and I told her that I used it to go camping.  She said that it had been a long time since we went camping (like never since I've had kids) and that we needed to go this summer.  She also told me she wanted a zippy-sack with a dinosaur on it.  She is specific, isn't she?