Saturday, August 04, 2012

Harper is 12 months old!

IMG_4010.JPG, originally uploaded by Sweetypants.

Baby girl is a year old! We travelled to Oklahoma for her big party, but I just haven't had time to sit down and sort through all the photos.

Our girl is walking all over the place now. She is almost off all her bottles. She still gets one at bedtime and frequently wants one in the middle of the night. She occasionally still has one during the day. She is babbling up a storm. So far, we recognize the words for hat, ball (bop), this, and that. She loves to point at things and repeat this, this, this until you get her what she wants. She is VERY opinionated about what she wants and does not want and will express her displeasure with a high pitched squeal. She loves to play with whatever Spenser is interested in. Spenser is not always excited to share, however. She continues to suck her thumb when she is tired. She loves to snuggle on anything that is soft and fluffy. ( Shades of her mother)

We flew to Oklahoma for a quick 5 day visit and big birthday bash. The kids did great on the plane with a minimal of fussiness and no great meltdowns. We continue to be grateful for our friends, Carrie and Jon, in OKC for allowing us to have a post airplane break. We get to have some great conversation, eat pizza from my old favorite place, and the kids get their wiggles out before we hop in the car for our two hour drive. My awesome sister and mom put together a great party for Harper. We had a houseful of people and it was great to see all of them there. Spenser was very shy for the first thirty minute before he finally warmed up and started playing with the other kids. He was also a great help in opening Harper's presents. Harper just toddled all over the place, charming everyone. Thank you to everyone for sharing her day with us.