Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Big news!

If you haven't heard the news, go here or here. You can also contact me or C and we will give you the lowdown.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pleasing summer view

It has finally cooled off (!) to 89 F from a high of 99 F today. I was doing a few chores in the yard and checked on my herb garden. I planted lavender on a whim last year. I wasn't sure if it would make it through the winter. It did sprout back up and is blooming right now. I've always hated the smell of lavender, but after smelling this, I realized I had never smelled real lavender. What I hated was the smell of synthetic, overly sweet and powdery lavender fragrance in body lotion and bath soap. Fresh lavender is amazing! The honeybees seemed to agree as well. There were at least 8 fat bumblebees dancing around my two little lavender plants, eating up that tasty nectar. If they are part of a formal hive someplace, some honey farmer will be pleased with the lavender honey these little workers are soon to be producing.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Atack of the Zoe

Zoe decided to freak out this morning. I was still snoozing when she came meandering over the pillow looking for some pets. Something about the benign white sheet startled her. She went leaping into the air and came down scrambling to get away right onto my face. Ignore my post-shift bloodshot eyes and gaze upon the lacerated carnage that is my forehead.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Relaxation at last!

I had a lovely spa day yesterday. I spent the morning shopping for dresses at Nordstrom's and had a quick lunch at Johnny Rocket's. Then, I hit the spa at the bottom of Old Towne. I nearly fell asleep during the facial, had a most invigorating and knot-blasting massage and had a two hour mani-pedi. That last bit was most indulgent. C was waiting for me when I got done. We cooked a lovely dinner and then indulged in the most decadent ice cream EVAH!. Green and Black Chocolate Ice Cream. I have to thank Leslie for introducing me to the heaven that is Green and Black's Chocolate. It's super dark and not overly sugary. Very highly quality stuff for the serious chocolate addict. They make a cherry and dark chocolate bar, but unfortunately, do not sell it in the US. If anyone finds it here, buy me a boatload and I will reimburse you upon delivery!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Surprise Birthday!

On May 12th, C and I flew to Dallas for a quick overnight trip. Mission: Surprise Grandma for her birthday. Sneaky Grandma had been calling all her friends and inviting them out to dinner. Everyone thought she knew about the party and kept turning her down. I think her feelings were starting to get a little hurt until she showed up at the restaurant and saw everyone who loved her there. Lots of love, Grandma!!

I think she was just little bit surprised. Overwhelmed, is more like it!

My mama and my grandma. Hugs! Love!

My grandma with her three daughters and all her grandkids, except Leslie. (Missed you Leslie!)

Her very cool, yummy chocolate cake that Aunt Terry put together.

Grandma with the fattest small dog in the world, Mitzi. (Yes, she does get her own breakfast sandwich at McDonald's)

To really explain what they are doing here would take up way too much space and would get lost in translation. Email me if you really want to know. Or...just's what I do.

The three sisters with their Uncle James, recreating an old photo for old times' sake.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I just finished my latest round of night shifts. The past two nights have been quite hellish. I felt like I was back in Detroit on Saturday night...lots of major car accidents and butt kickings. To get myself back on a regular schedule, I try to sleep as little as possible during the day I end my last night shift. I'm not useful for anything, but it does get me back into the regular swing of things. On Thursday, I'm going here for a much needed afternoon of relaxation. C. gave me a gift certificate at Christmas and I'm planning on living it up like a lady who lunches...a morning of shopping, lunch with C, and then an afternoon of pampering.