Saturday, April 16, 2011


I have been gently chided for not keeping the blog up to date. My reply? You come clean up after Spenser and I will update the blog. hehe. The little man is keeping us on our toes At the end of March, he started teething, working on his left lower molar. Then he got an ear infection and then he had another stomach bug, that put him down for about 5 days. His Grandma G came to visit, letting C and I escape for grown ups only time for two nights at the Greenbrier. They had a wonderful spa and fabulous food. We were there right at the end of low season, so I think we were the youngest guests by about 20 years. Next time we go, we will probably take Spenser as they did have individual cabins available as well as a park with swings. Spenser is still not sleeping completely through the night, which is starting to wear me out, especially since allergy season is hitting hard this year and I'm limited in what I can take. He has figured out how to back crawl down the stairs, but would prefer to be carried down if he has a choice. He will also now point to and say: hair, ears, eyes, nose, teeth, belly, and toes. We are working on please and thank you. He will also pet the cats nicely....most of the time.