Monday, October 24, 2005

I recently found a book giving instructions on how to knit teddy bears. Here is my first attempt. The pen is there just to give you a size reference.


Marci said...

Interesting Amy, I didn't know you were into knitting & crafty stuff.

Amy said...

I picked up knitting in med school to relieve stress.

Astrid said...

Amy, I'm impressed! I didn't know you could knit either. The bear is sooo cute!!! You did an awesome job on it.

Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Are his eyes beads or embroidery?
(I love his vacant stare! Reminds me of Mr. Woogie Pants!)

Why is everyone always suprised that the medical sister is creative as well? Doctors can be creative too . . . that is why there are plastic surgeons! ;)

See ya in 2 weeks! Let's go do something doofy on Friday! I have a plan!

}Insert evil laugh here{