Wednesday, March 04, 2009

More about my Valentine's weekend

I'm heading into a huge crunch at work....minimum 6 months, but for now with no end in sight. C and I decided to have an over the top vacation to make up for it. We also really needed to escape the cold, cloudy weather here. We made it simple and stayed in the continent states. We ended up in Key West, Florida and spent most of our time at Little Palm Island. It was warm. It was wonderful. It ended all too soon.
We did a lot of lounging, reading, and soaking up the sun. I went on a snorkeling trip to Looe Key. It was the first time I had been snorkeling in "open" waters that were not near shore. It was a bit nerve wracking and I quickly got used to it. I was also out there by myself, as C decided to stay on the boat and chat with the Captain. I got to see a lot of barracuda, yellow snapper, many types of coral and a baby blacktip reef shark.

The sunset from Little Palm Island.

Many things to do on Little Palm Island.

Sunset from Key West

Key Lime Pie...on a stick...dipped in dark chocolate. YUM!

Tropical refreshment for a tropical vacation.


Astrid said...

Okay...can I just say that I'm super duper jealous! What an awesome get-away! Did you get any great Key lime pie? I get nervous about snorkeling. I love...and hate it. Freaks me out every time!

Will you not get a break from work for the next 6 months? yikes.

Amy said...

The pie at the resort was really good, but our favorite was pie on a stick! We just opened a second hospital and need at least 4-6 more doctors. We get 2 more in August. What that means is increased shifts and less flexibility in getting an extended period of time off.