Monday, July 05, 2010

7 month update

Seven months crept up on us and slipped by. Spenser has been 7 months old for a week now. As you can see by the picture, everything goes in his mouth and he's quite adept at sitting up on his own. He's very good at the pincer grasp and likes tasting all kinds of new foods. This also makes going to restaurants a lot easier and more entertaining. We went out for New Mexican for breakfast on Saturday and Spenser got to try home fries and tortillas. I didn't think he was quite ready for beans and green chile sauce.

He loves swimming and playing in his little pools. He finds the cats fascinating and hilarious. He continues to be a happy and good natured baby with smiles and giggles for everyone he meets.


gail said...

I can tell that he needs a Grandma squeeze.

Marci said...

Love the funny & appropriate that he grabbed one of the blocks to chew on.

Does Chip have a matching shirt that says "#1 Hunk"? Maybe instead Spenser's should say "#1 CHUNK".