Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Eight months old!

Eight months old and such a big boy! He has his second tooth starting to come in. He has mastered the pincer grasp. He has a lot to say, but we seem to have misplaced our baby:English translating book. We went to the Fredericksburg Fair this weekend. He was very fascinated by all the animals. He got to try smoked brisket, pulled pork, french fries and funnel cake. His absolute favorite treat, however, was LEMONADE. He couldn't get enough and was trying to pull the cup out of our hands.

If you click on this picture and enlarge it, you can just see his little tooth on the bottom. Today, I could feel a second one coming in next to it.

He really likes feeding himself and has started snatching the spoon out of my hand. Three spoons were on the floor by the time this picture was taken.

Good thing the housekeeper comes tomorrow. I did mop it up.....and give Spenser a post lunch bath!


Astrid @ The Lopsided House said...

Can he get any cuter???? I know I've said this before (or at least I've thought it anyway)...but he's so darn cute!

WOW! What a mess! He's not quite yet Master of the Spoon but I bet he'll get there soon!

Funny that he liked the lemonade the best. What a cutie!

Gerald said...

Eight months already? Wow.

Really like the lighting on the eight month picture, great job.

Oh by the way, just had our three day over 100, here. Miss us yet? :D

Amy said...

Nah...we've finally cooled off after a week of 105 weather with something crazy like 80% humidity.

gail said...

He really is a handsome little guy, not that I am biased.

Marci said...

Hehehe...love these "messy baby" pictures. I would ask how much actually makes it into his mouth, but from the looks of it he's not missing any meals...so "fat & happy". He makes me laugh. (I see you have the "space saver" high chair. After we bought our huge chair I saw these & sure wished I had one. We could have really used it in our tiny kitchen.)