Thursday, December 02, 2010

One year!

Our boy has turned one year old! Time has gone by so quickly and our little baby is well on his way to being a little boy. He's walking with more confidence every day and can climb a flight of stairs in the wink of an eye. He has four teeth on top and three on bottom (with a fourth threatening to poke through any day now). He has a very healthy appetite and frequently eats half of Mom's dinner after finishing his. He loves lemonade and chocolate as rare treats. He continues to jabber away and we are finally recognizing some words: mama, ki-ki (for cat), dah (for dog), up, dada. He uses sign language to let us know when he is hungry, wants more, needs a drink, or is done. He has a few mystery signs that we haven't quite figured out yet. He loves bath time and playing in the water. He frequently tries to climb into the tub before we have gotten him undressed. He is full of giggles and belly laughs.

Here he is at his birthday party!
Ready to go.
Thank you to Aunt Leslie for hosting the party and providing the cool door decorations!
Eating his cake. He ate the whole thing and only a few very tiny crumbs made it to the floor.
Monkey cake! Thank you, Grandma Gail for making Spenser his special birthday cake.

His party was part of a much larger trip back to OK for Thanksgiving. More pics and commentary to come as I get caught up from the horrendous flight back.

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