Friday, June 24, 2011


The boy is pretty fascinated by shoes lately. When it's time to go or he's just ready to get out of the house, he will first bring me my shoes, then C his shoes, and finally get his own shoes so we can put them on him. He also likes to try to put on shoes by himself. So far, my flipflops and Birkenstocks are the easiest ones for him to get into, but he has made it into C's boots a couple of times.

Click the photo to get the bigger version that includes his feet.

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Marci said...

And this would be a good time to tell one of Mom's favorite stories of when Chip tried to put on his own shoes & stuck the socks inside the shoes 1st before attempting to put his foot in. Not sure how old Chip was at the time, but probably about the same age as Spenser. I think she thought he was obviously a genius. :D