Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spenser's Milestone

Spenser being oh-so-serious on a vintage fire engine. The local fire and rescue groups are primarily volunteer based. This weekend, they had a fundraiser and open house. They had firetrucks and ambulances open for exploration, free food, balloons, hats, and various other fun and games that were a wee bit advanced for our tow. It was a nice Sunday afternoon activity and let us take a really long walk downtown since we stopped by the wrong firehouse.

A couple of weeks ago, Spenser's teacher, Ms. Pam, let us know that Spenser had asked to use the potty. It was not a successful sitting in that when she stepped away to grab a new diaper, he stood up and managed to get his pants wet. Nevertheless, we took this for a positive sign that he will someday soon show real interest in learning to use the potty. We took the boy to Target and let him pick from a plethora of potties. (I love alliteration) He picked a simple and inexpensive one (no musical flushing mechanism or built in magazine racks). He was so excited about it that he insisted on sitting on it in the shopping basket while we finished our shopping, checked out and made our way back to the car. He has sat on it a few more times, but only when we ask him to right before his bath time. I keep reminding myself, "Babysteps, babysteps."

His vocabulary continues to expand and he is consistently using 3 word sentences. We run through a set of alphabet flashcards each night before bed and he is starting to consistently recognize a few of the letters. He will ask for "cards" if we forget or try to skip over them.

He hasn't been sleeping through the night since shortly before Harper was born. At first, we thought it was just some regression secondary to a new baby showing up, but he is still waking up 2 or more times in the night. He wakes up crying and will sometimes fall asleep with a few minutes of cuddles and back patting. Other times, it's 2 hours of rocking and walking circles with him. More than likely it's still some separation anxiety that is lingering. As C says, this too will pass.

He is pretty protective of Harper. I took Harper to visit C at work and show her off to the office, so the next week, I did the same with Spenser. Spenser was very upset that we were leaving Harper behind at the school.

Just a cute picture of our pretty girl sleeping.

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