Thursday, April 26, 2012

9 months old!

Harper turned 9 months old recently  She weighed in at 20 lb 4 oz and is 28 inches long.  She has two teeth on the bottom.  She not only pulls to standing, but is cruising like a champ.  Any day now, she will have her balance settled and start walking.  She is a very determined girl when she wants something.  If we leave something on the coffee table that she wants, she will work her way around the entire table until she gets to the spot where she can reach it.  If you relocate her to a different room, as soon as she is put down she is off and crawling back to where you took her from.  She still sleeps through the night, with a once in a long while wake up for a bottle of milk in the middle of the night.  She has been getting harder to put down for the night though.  There is usually a 30 minute period of wiggling, singing and bouncing around before she decides to sleep.  Overall, she remains our happy, calm baby.  (Dress provided by Grandma Gail!)

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