Monday, July 09, 2012

Spenser update

Spenser has recently found it hilarious to run away from us, particularly when we are in stores where there are lots of aisles and racks to run around and between and behind.  He giggles the entire time, thinking it is a big game.  We can usually keep him in sight and know where he is at all times.  We've been very lucky so far.  Saturday that changed.  He managed to slip away in the split second that I looked at C to tell him I had Spenser in sight.   We were in the middle of the ladies' section of a department store, so it was dense with clothing racks.  After about 90 seconds of searching the area we were in, I had a clerk page out a "Code Adam".  When that alert goes out, all employees stop what they are doing and start looking for him.  To our great relief, it was cancelled within 20 seconds, indicating that he was found.  A clerk from TWO sections over carried him to us.  When she found him, he was still running and giggling.  He didn't know he was lost even though his parents were scared out of their minds.  He was very quiet and he knew he was in trouble.  We talked to him several times about how he should not run away and that Mama and Daddy were very scared when we couldn't find him.  When I asked him later if he was in trouble, he said yes and when I asked him why he was in trouble he said, "Because I scared Mama" and "Because I ran away".  Lesson learned by us and hopefully by him.

In funnier anecdotes, that same night we had spaghetti for dinner.  Spenser had eaten about half his bowl of spaghetti, plain with no butter or sauce, when he asked to take the rest into the coffee table.  A little while later, he came back complaining about noodles in his nose.  Nothing was hanging out of his nose (it was spaghetti, after all) so we thought he was making a joke.  He kept complaining, so I had him blow his nose.....sure enough there was a 1/2 inch of spaghetti in the tissue!  I reassured him that he had blown it out.  He kept complaining of more noodles in his nose.  I looked up his nose and couldn't see anything , but had him blow again.  Another noodle in the tissue!  When C and I quit laughing about this, I looked at him again and there was a third noodle hanging from his nose.  I have no idea how he got three noodles up his nose, but I'm glad he had the sense to come tell us about it.  Little noodle-head!

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gail said...

Noodles in the nose. Ha ha ha ha.
At least he wasn't putting noodles in Harper's nose.