Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Spenser's beloved Bear was starting to stink and was looking a little manky.  I just threw him into the wash on gentle with an extra rinse.  This method has worked for Elmo and Cookie Monster.  Fingers crossed it works for Bear.


gail said...

How did bear turn out?

Amy said...

Definitely smells better and not quite as matted looking. Still looks well loved though.

Marci said...

About a year ago I mentioned that I might wash Owen's favorite "Ducky", & he told me not to. I think he was afraid it might not survive (although the tag said "machine washable"). I put it in in a pillowcase & washed on gentle, but wasn't sure if I should dry in the machine because of the (plastic?) pellets in the bottom. I air dried him & he turned out not very soft. When Owen found out, he was MAD. I guess it didn't "smell" like he wanted it too. Recently he got vomit on Ducky, so we had no choice but to wash again. Dried in machine this time & turned out fine (nice & soft), but I think Owen would still prefer I never wash Ducky again. :D