Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Flowers in the garden

Siloam Virginia Henson

Royal Mountie.

It has been forever since I posted for all my nonexistent viewers. It rained for about a week here in Virginia, otherwise it has been too hot and humid to go outside, much less move and breathe once you get there. I did sneak out way early in the morning when it is half a degree cooler to snap some pictures of my daylilies in the side yard. The first two were planted in the fall last year. In the intervening time, I have lost their little nametags and have no idea what their names are. I smartened up with the last two. I'm keeping a book with all the changes in my garden and I'm remembering to record what and when I plant things.

Otherwise, I've been too busy with work to make any progress with the inside of the house. Last weekend, C and I went to the National Theater in D.C. to see Spamalot. If you are a fan of Monty Python, I highly recommend tracking down tickets so you can see it. Lots of hilarious fun.

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