Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Let me introduce you

Welcome and please say hello to the newest member of the family. I picked her up at the SPCA offices today. Her name is Zoe. Pronounced like Joey with a Z. It does not rhyme with toe. She's 3 1/2 months and was found as a stray shortly after birth with her 3 siblings. She is very siamese looking in her build and was originally described as a lilac siamese, but her points are starting to darken up and she has a very subtle stripe in her main coat. Sort of an off-white on cream sort of thing. She is still pretty freaked out about the big move to her new home, but is exploring and playing and being very kitten like already.


jack said...

beautiful but she looks like trouble

Anonymous said...

I still miss Elmo! (Elroy, I know)... Looks like the kid will have a large collar to fill..


Anonymous said...

Soooo cute, but then again she could never take the place of Sabrina!!!