Thursday, April 17, 2008

The flooring guys did a fabulous job today. They finished up the living room and kitchen.

I couldn't figure out why they had started using the upstairs bathrooms. These guys had been very polite and wouldn't even venture up there when I've been home and they had a question. Then I figured it out. They've gutted the downstairs half bath and put the flooring in there.

I leave for PC, OK tomorrow morning. I'm trying to pack up and herd the cat into the Rodeo. I'll leave her at C's house and he can kittysit until I get back on Tuesday. I'm off to do the last of the wedding planning and attend the nice shower my mom and sis have put together for me.

They got most of the entry way completed. They've laid out stuff for the dining room. The main floor should be DONE tomorrow and they should be working on the stairs.

The cabinets showed up tonight.

I really like the color of the wood.

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