Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kitchen renovation

I've mentioned it in a few previous posts, but I've never made direct reference to it. C and I are renovating the kitchen. The impetus for this started a year ago when I bought a new refrigerator and was convinced by the slick saleslady to go up a size. Needless to say, the new fridge was too big by just a smidgen.

I've wanted to redo the kitchen since moving in. The original builder totally cheaped out on everything in here and the colors all looked like they were picked off the discount table at Lowe's. After months of talking and looking at plans, this thing has kicked off into full gear. My contractor called on Tuesday to let me know they could start demolition of the kitchen on Friday. After two days of frantically cleaning out the kitchen and multiple runs down the basement steps, I got it all cleaned out. I went to DC on Friday to have dinner with C. Saturday, I had a dress fitting, took C out to the airport (have a nice trip, sweety!), and attended a nice wedding reception. I finally got home to this:

Guess I can't put it off anymore. Renovation is in full swing. Leave it to me to be doing a full blown renovation 41 days before my wedding.

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