Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Here comes the bride!

In case you didn't notice, C and I took some time off. We went back to the homeland and got hitched. We had the best photographer and I've been anxiously awaiting word from her. I worked way late tonight and I just checked her website out of habit. Yay! We have picture up! Her pictures are amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone in the Arkansas/Northern Oklahoma area. J.H. Schroeder photography can be found here. Our photo set can be found here.


Anonymous said...

I can't view the photos. :(

Gerald and Paula said...

Wonderful pictures!!

The only thing better was being able to be there, and witness the joy you both shared.

Again, Congrats

Amy said...

She has the next and back button labels reversed. It should be fixed shortly.

G&P I'm so glad you could be there. I'm sure you have some awesome photos of your own...when do I get to see them?