Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baby knitting

We made it back from Ireland. We're fighting off colds and jet lag. I get to work four days and immediately leave for Oklahoma for a quick trip before I get too big and irritable to travel. I'll post more Irish pictures eventually, but until then, I wanted to brag on myself a bit. I knitted my first baby sweater! I have to say that self striping yarn is fun!


Astrid said...

Amy- that sweater is darling! You did a fantastic job!!! How long did it take you to knit that?

How's the nursery coming along?

Amy said...

The sweater probably took about 7 hours of knitting all together, including the sewing it together. The nursery is almost done...I'm just waiting on my glider/recliner to get here.

Marci said...

Oh, it's so cute. I knew you'd be making all kinds of stuff for him. (Still no name?) You should make him some cute little hats. The time is getting closer & I'm getting excited about having a new baby in the family, just too bad you don't live closer so we can enjoy him in person.