Saturday, September 19, 2009

Connemara and points south.

Not in any particular order...

In front of the cliffs of Moher (otherwise known as the Cliffs of Insanity for all you Princess Bride fans). These are just south of an area known as the Burren. We are over 600 feet above the ocean here.

The very barren Burren. South of Galway there are 10 square miles of this limestone formation. People managed to live in this area and raise cattle. No wonder there are so many stone walls. There is a never ending supply of rocks here.
The town of Westport. It was originally a planned community built to support a local manor house.

Our drive through the Connemara region. A one lane road, lots of sheep and the occasional donkey surrounded by beautiful fields and mountains. There are a lot of peat bogs in this area. A peat bog tried to eat me, in fact.....nearly got my shoe.

C., enjoying the local Guiness. Much better than the bottled stuff in the States. We are at a local Galway pub listening to traditional pub music.

We are now in Dingle, where Gaelic is still the predominant language.


Astrid said...

It looks like you had a fun get-away!'re one beautiful momma-to-be!!! :)

Man...what I wouldn't give for a beer like that!

Mark said...

PLEASE tell me you are also stopping at all of the Irish Whiskey distilleries along the can't come home until you do that!

Amy said...

Why yes, yes we did and you must come visit us immediately to help drink up the two large bottles we brought back with us.

Anonymous said...

you look amazing Amy. I am very excited for you... your baby room looks like it's coming along well. Best wishes, JOni