Sunday, March 07, 2010

Unhappy first

We started out with a lovely day yesterday. We drove to Richmond to break in the new truck and ate at Schlotzsky's for lunch (a rare, hard to find treat). The boy slept through most of it, though he joined us for lunch. We cruised around Richmond a bit. There's a nice little area called Shockhoe Bottom that is in the midst of being gentrified and is full of cute little shops, bars, and restaurants. Once home, I took Spenser next door to visit Auntie Diane. After a bit, he got hungry, so we went home to feed him. Poor baby was having a feeding frenzy. He is due for a growth spurt, so this wasn't too surprising, but we did notice his cheeks were super red.

This is the baby we started the day with:

Cute, happy, and cooing up a storm.

He woke up at 1:30 AM and was crying and coughing. His nose was all stuffed up. He gagged a bit and finally threw up some mucus and milk. Poor baby had a fever of 101.1 F. I gave him some tylenol and tried to aspirate his poor stuffy nose. He nursed some more and finally went back to sleep.

This is the baby we had this morning:

Poor little sweet thing! He slept later than usual, but appears to be back to his usual cheerful self except for his stuffy nose. Hopefully, it will clear up before we have to fly in a week and a half.


Astrid said...

I hope he's feeling better! It's no fun having a sick baby. Such a sweet photo of him sleeping though. (but, the awake photo is super darn cute too!)

Mark said...

That's just how Chip looked when we were all freshmen!!!