Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sick continued

Spenser had a great day yesterday. It was a beautiful, sunny warm day, so the two of us strolled downtown and visited a few kids' shops that I've never before had a reason to check out. Found a great kid's book store, Jabberwocky. Bought a few things here and there. Spenser napped in his stroller most of the time and when he did wake up, was bright eyed and chatty with the shop ladies.

Things changed when we got home. He was clingy and miserable after his bathtime. He woke up every two hours to nurse. At 3:30, his congestion was just awful and he was starting to cough. I spent an hour in a steamy bathroom with him, using the nasal aspirator, saline drops and Vicks to get his nose cleaned out. Then, he spiked another fever and just wouldn't lay down, so I cuddled him close and fell asleep with him in the rocker. Two hours later, C woke me up. I managed to get him to lay down in bed. He would sleep as long as he was propped up on pillows. Guess it helps all the snot to drain instead of just plugging up his tiny nose. On top of that, C has been sick as well and even stayed home a day. fun being the only well one in the house. Fortunately, I've been off all week and only have to go back to work on Friday, so I have time to play sick nurse.

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Astrid said...

I'm sorry to hear that both Spenser and Chip are sick. I remember when Ava was really congested we'd let her sit in her swing for long periods of time. It'd keep her upright enough. Not sure if that's actually recommended but it worked for us.