Friday, October 29, 2010

Back to New York

Way back in September, we took a trip to New York City. My best friend from residency lives in downtown Manhattan and it had been two years since we had seen each other. C and I also had some shopping to do that we could only do in the big city.

We packed up the boy and took the train from F'burg to New York City. It was the perfect length trip....Spenser was just starting to fuss from boredom when we arrived at Penn Station.

We stayed at the W hotel on Union Square. The hotel was wonderful and the location was perfect. K lives a half block off Union Square. The Square also has a playground and a daily farmer's market that had all kinds of interesting produce, flowers, honey, and baked good to look at.
On Friday, we had dinner at 'Wichcraft. Spenser ate half of his sandwich, part of his fruit cup and most of a huge glass of milk.

Union Square has a great playground with separate areas for the big kids and the little guys. Spenser enjoyed playing there every morning.

His first cab ride. He was so excited to be looking forward and was jabbering to the cabbie through the window. Before anyone gets upset, carseats are not required in public transportation and with NYC traffic, we could hardly go fast enough for it to be hazardous.

We took a round trip ride on the Staten Island ferry so we could see Lady Liberty. C has never seen her, but we didn't think Spenser was quite old enough to be taking a tour inside the statue.
Dinner at the The Knickerbocker in the Village. K is a regular here. Spenser was the perfect gentleman. He ate an entire piece of cornbread, lamb shanks, skirt steak, sweet potato and french fries. He was so worn out by the experience that he fell asleep on the walk back to the hotel and missed out on some really good ice cream.
Spenser LOVED this little rocking chair. It was K's when she was a small child.

Back at the playground.

Test hugging bears at FAO Schwarz.
Resting after a picnic lunch in Central Park.
Who would have guessed that being picked up by your pants and swung around could be so much fun? Apparently M knew this was the case because Spenser just laughed and laughed and she swung him back and forth.

The only non serious face he made while on the carousel in Central Park. It was very serious as he checked out all the horses and music and spinning about.

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Marci said...

So how long does it take to get from Fredericksburg to NYC via train?

The pic of Spenser eating at Witchcraft cracks me up!