Thursday, October 28, 2010

It crashed, I'm behind.

My hard drive has taken a nose dive, so I've been without a computer for the past many weeks. Admittedly, we have at least 3 laptops floating around the house, but all my photographs are on the desktop so I've been putting off updating until I could get to our New York photos. I've given up just so I don't forget all the new things Spenser has been doing. He is cruising like crazy and is starting to let go of things to step to the next handhold. Last night, he was hanging on to his closet door for support with one hand. He let go, turned and grabbed the changing table with the other hand so he was completely unsupported for a split second there. C says that Spenser stood up, completely unassisted in the bathtub the other night. I think our little monkey is going to take off running soon.

Spenser has also been going to school every day this week. I have off a few days, but he's in the middle of a transition period where they are getting him used to a new classroom with new rules and schedules. I think it's more important for him to get through the transition smoothly. He continues to jabber and now has lots of hand gesticulating to go along with it. He has many important things to say, but we still haven't found that darn baby-English translation book!

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gail said...

I love the picture of him with the bar stool and skeleton outfit. Gail