Friday, September 16, 2011

2 Month Birthday

Harper turned 2 months old last Sunday. She had her first full day at school on Monday and did great, according to her teachers. Slept, ate, got cuddles, and did tummy time with no fussing. She had her 2 month doctor appointment on Saturday and weighed in at respectable 13 lb 8 oz and is 24 inches long. For perspective, Spenser currently weighs 28 lbs. Other than a mosquito bite on her forehead, her doctor says she looks perfect. She is rolling over and has developed her social smile.

If it is before 6:30 AM when everyone is waking up, I'll bring both kids into bed with me for some extra snoozing. This particular morning, I was wide awake after they had both went back to sleep. I snuck out from in between them to take an uninterrupted shower. When I came back, this is what I found. Harper is going to grow up being one tough little girl.

A good shot of her gorgeous baby blues. Still too soon to see if they will stay.

Another good shot of her eyes.

Trying to catch her smiling here. She gives no warning and the smile is usually gone before I can grab a camera. I was lucky to catch this sideways look at it.
We recently discovered that she is happy with a pacifier in the evening instead of a 3 hour nursing fest. She's all swaddled in her Moses basket, ready to go to sleep. She's wrapped in a blanket crocheted by one of the paramedics in the ER. Lately, she has been sleeping 12 hours at night, with one little wake up at 4 am for a snack.

Chewing on her arm as a light snack.

We have a picture of Spenser playing incognito baby, in which his outfit blends into the pattern on the bouncy seat. As I going through the photos I took this morning, I realized that Harper was trying to pull a similar trick.

Just a nice picture of my handsome boy while he is not running around like a hurricane.

From this morning...Spenser loves to play in the trickle of water we leave running from the faucet for him. He fills up the cup, dumps it out, refills it, drinks the water, spits the water out. It's endless fun for him, though the kitchen floor is always half swamped by the time he is done. Guess it forces me to mop and keep a clean floor.


gail said...

I love all of the new pics. Pic #5 looks a lot like you did. It is the one of her on her tummy where she is smiling. Love, Grandma Gail

gail said...

Maybe you can teach Spenser to do the dishes while he is playing in the sink.

gail said...

Poor Spenser. He looks like he has had a few hard knocks. He has a scratch or two on his face and a bruise on his forehead. Did he do that riding his bike?

Amy said...

No, the scratch came from school...another kid was trying to catch a bubble and got him in the face instead. At least one bruise is where C opened the car door and Spenser was standing in the wrong place.