Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Surprise Birthday!

On May 12th, C and I flew to Dallas for a quick overnight trip. Mission: Surprise Grandma for her birthday. Sneaky Grandma had been calling all her friends and inviting them out to dinner. Everyone thought she knew about the party and kept turning her down. I think her feelings were starting to get a little hurt until she showed up at the restaurant and saw everyone who loved her there. Lots of love, Grandma!!

I think she was just little bit surprised. Overwhelmed, is more like it!

My mama and my grandma. Hugs! Love!

My grandma with her three daughters and all her grandkids, except Leslie. (Missed you Leslie!)

Her very cool, yummy chocolate cake that Aunt Terry put together.

Grandma with the fattest small dog in the world, Mitzi. (Yes, she does get her own breakfast sandwich at McDonald's)

To really explain what they are doing here would take up way too much space and would get lost in translation. Email me if you really want to know. Or...just laugh....it's what I do.

The three sisters with their Uncle James, recreating an old photo for old times' sake.

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