Friday, June 15, 2007

Relaxation at last!

I had a lovely spa day yesterday. I spent the morning shopping for dresses at Nordstrom's and had a quick lunch at Johnny Rocket's. Then, I hit the spa at the bottom of Old Towne. I nearly fell asleep during the facial, had a most invigorating and knot-blasting massage and had a two hour mani-pedi. That last bit was most indulgent. C was waiting for me when I got done. We cooked a lovely dinner and then indulged in the most decadent ice cream EVAH!. Green and Black Chocolate Ice Cream. I have to thank Leslie for introducing me to the heaven that is Green and Black's Chocolate. It's super dark and not overly sugary. Very highly quality stuff for the serious chocolate addict. They make a cherry and dark chocolate bar, but unfortunately, do not sell it in the US. If anyone finds it here, buy me a boatload and I will reimburse you upon delivery!

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