Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birthday Camping.

As promised, a few photos from my birthday camping trip. We went to the Shenandoah Mountains. Since they are only 2 hours away, we don't take advantage of their proximity nearly enough. We took enough gear for a week and a tent large enough to hold a kindergarten class. Too bad we didn't have sherpas to move it around for us. We stayed at the Lewis Mountain Campgrounds...the smallest and most isolated of the campgrounds in the park.

A family of deer has taken up residence in the campgrounds. They have no fear and would walk within 6 feet of us.

C enjoying our tasty steak dinner on our first night. Unfortunately, it is too dark for anyone to witness our massive castle of a tent in the background.

We started out on a short 2 mile hike on Monday. Butterflies danced about us.

2 miles turned into 8 miles round trip. Our legs were about to fall off. The highlight of our trip was this great waterfall.


Astrid said...

Have you done any fall decorating yet? It looks like you had a fun birthday.

Amy said...

Eh, I haven't don't any decorating. We won't be here for Halloween, so I'm not seeing the point right now. I don't fall decorate so much as spookify the place for all the little ghosties and goblins.