Thursday, December 15, 2011

Harper's 5 month Birthday

Harper is 5 months old! Our baby girl is getting bigger and more active every day. She thinks her toes make a great plaything. She rolls over every which way and can spin from side to side to reach her toys. Everything is open for tasting and sticking in her mouth. She is getting very very vocal and she loves to rock and wiggle from side to side.

We tried some first bites of rice cereal. It did not go over to well and we have quickly moved on to bananas, apples, peas, squash and oatmeal. She likes these much much better.

She likes to sit on the couch with Spenser and her Daddy.

I heard Spenser laughing and Harper giggling the other day when I had stepped away to the kitchen to start a bottle. When I came back, I saw what was causing the hilarity. Harper's mouth is blue from the pretzel M&M that Spenser kept sticking in her mouth and she kept spitting out. I quickly put a stop to this source of fun.
Spenser loves his baby sister. He's realizing that it can be entertaining to make her laugh.

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gail said...

Spenser is a good brother. I love the last picture. You can really see the difference in them with his dark brown eyes and her blue eyes. Grandma.G