Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pre-Christmas Activities

December 2, Spenser's school had a pancake dinner with Santa and Mrs. Claus. We had pancakes, sausage, and juice boxes for dinner in one of the larger rooms at the school. Spenser was upset that he couldn't eat unlimited amounts of pancakes.

Pancakes as finger food.
Daddy with his favorite girl. She seems stunned by his awesome pancake dinner

Our pretty girl on Santa's lap. She was pretty unfazed by it all.

While he didn't try to get away or cry, Spenser is still not too sure about this Santa guy. At least it is just fingers in the mouth. He normally sticks a finger up his nose when he is a bit nervous.
The next weekend, we took a trip out to a friend's tree farm to pick out a Christmas tree. Spenser helped C measure carefully so we could be sure that our perfect tree would fit through the door and in the room.

He held onto the tape measure while Daddy cut the tree down.

For whatever reason, the tree fell toward C instead of away. The tips of the branches barely wisped by Spenser's nose. He was pretty stunned. Fortunately no one was injured.

Basking in the setting sun and looking at the miniature donkeys that live on the farm.

My two favorite boys.

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