Monday, September 14, 2015

Clearing out the cobwebs.

 I need to do quite a bit of cleaning and decluttering around this place, so I'm trying to give myself some sort of accountability.  It's quite easy to start a project, cleaning method or organization schedule and quit without to much second thought.  One of the popular methods is to declutter 365 items from your house in 365 days.  My plan is to see what I can do in the next two weeks, reassess, and proceed from there.

So without further ado, here is what I removed from my house today:

Donated:  5 glass/ceramic ramekins, 1 metal tin, 2 books, a Diaper genie, a shopping bag of night time pull ups.

Trashed:  A large hand full of preschool worksheets/coloring pages, 3 baby bottles, a jar of beans used for play, 6 broken toys.

Total  items:  21

We'll see if I can keep this up for more than a day or two.  :)

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