Monday, September 21, 2015

Day 8

I'm more than half way through my project and still going strong.  Yay for me.

Last day of work on this block, so headed back to the office and worked on two small drawers.  Tossed several large handfuls of wrinkled paper as well as dried up, no longer sticky mailing labels and a mostly used up note pad.  Most of the drawers need more organization, but it's nice to get the junk and excess out ahead of time.

Donate - 3 packs of sticky labels in various sizes, 1 pack of sticky back velcro, 1 pack of reinforcement labels,  a small blank book, a UV light used to look for secret cat pee, 1 pack of Martha Stewart tags, and 2 small kid toys. ( If I sneak them out gradually, they won't notice, right?)

Trash - as noted above.  It's hard to quantify random bits of paper, so I'll ignore it for now and consider it trash that needed to be trashed anyway.

Total - 10 items

Grand total - 176

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