Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 9, 10, and 11

Day 9 was C's birthday, so I took the day off so we could spend all our time together.  We had a lovely indulgent breakfast at Mercantile, drove through the country, and just loafed around the house enjoying our time together.

Day 10 was busy with lots of errands and driving.  I scrubbed the front porch clean and redecorated for fall.

Trash - 1 used up doormat, 2 faded pillows, 1 rusty lantern

Total - 4 items

Day 11 - The morning was taken up by work related jobs - got my flu shot, fit tested for a respirator and learned how to properly don and doff protective gear in case of a potential ebola patient.  I worked on a dresser drawer and part of my closet.  Also have a large "donate" basket I keep in the closet to toss things into as I go that needs to be emptied.

Donate - 10 pairs of pants/shorts and 1 large basket full of other clothing items.

Total - 11

Grand total - 191 items

Contemplating if it's possible to get a total of 365 items out of the house in the next 3 days.  Means I would have to find 174 items in the next two days.  Wonder how much I can dig into the kids' toys before they notice?

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