Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Final days

I had a lot of stuff crammed into the past few days.  We held a baby shower at the house, S had picture day and back to school night, we bought a new car (it's been in the works for about 5 months, but suddenly became available).

So the end of the time frame count is:

Donate - 51 items of kid clothing, 11 pairs of shoes, 2 pool toys, 21 books.

Total - 85 items

Grand total - 314 items.

Wow - considering the initial challenge floating around is 365 items in 365 days, I did nearly that amount in two weeks.  Lesson learned is that a small amount frequently is quickly evident in the neatness and appearance of the house.  Also, digging into infrequently ventured corners will quickly reveal built up dust and grime that you don't seem to notice on a day to day basis.

Now that the weather is starting to cool off, I would like to work on the garage and the basement storage closet.  I also have some chores around the yard, like digging up an oversize bush and pruning all the perennials back.

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