Friday, September 18, 2015

Day 5 update - it's a quickie

Not a big project today as I have to work and we are finalizing the sale of the Mercedes at noon.  So a quick clean out under the kids' sink, where C and I stashed various toiletries while renovating the master bath 18 months ago.  Haven't looked under there since.  Also managed to hit up my bottom vanity drawer and a shelf in the bathroom storage unit.  I'm a bit of a product junkie so there's a mish mash of hair and skin products as well as expired eye drops.

Trash:  22 various pieces of skin, hair, and eye care with a few worn out makeup brushes and hair clips and a gunked up drawer organizer.

Donate:  a cute but too small makeup bag, hair clip too small for my hair and some sort of bun maker that I could never figure out how to make look right.

Total:  25 items.

Grand total : 145 items

( if I include the Mercedes, 146 ;)  )

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