Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 12 and 13

I worked overnight last night, so yesterday was taken up with resting and napping before being awake all night.  Today, I managed to work on the upstairs hall bookcase.  I had books and items there that I hadn't touched since I moved in 10 years ago as well as C's books that haven't been looked at since he moved in.  Everything was taken down and sorted then the shelves were wiped down and items were replaced.  It's much nicer looking.

Trash - 1 old binder full of really horrid knitting patterns, mostly freebies or ripped out of magazines, 1 worn out cat scratcher, 10 old magazines

Donate - 15 books, 1 note pad, 2 beer steins, 4 knick knacks, 2 board games,  2 canvas beach bags

Immediately took everything to Goodwill and dropped it off.  I'm having a house full of guests tomorrow for a baby shower, so I can't have piles lingering.

Total - 38 items

Grand Total - 229 items

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