Monday, September 14, 2015

First day of Kindergarten

 September 8 was the first day of kindergarten for my sweet boy.  He marched on to the school bus and only looked back because I called to him.  He was confused for a moment by the bus driver checking his name tag against her list.
 No tears, no fear.  He's such a big kid now!  He had a great day at school.  He got to pick out his own lunch in the cafeteria and go to music class.  Unfortunately, it was too hot outside for them to have recess.
He was all grins when he got home.  We are one week in now and he's still doing well.  He's already fallen into the school kid habit of when asked how his day was, muttering back, "fine".  He has his first homework assignment this week, which I'm sure he'll have no problem with.  He has to practice writing his name, which he already knows how to do.

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